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Master of Science in Food Technology - IUPFOOD


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The InterUniversity Programme in Food Technology (IUPFOOD) is jointly organised by KU Leuven and Ghent University (UGent). IUPFOOD is a two-year academic programme leading to an MSc ‘Master of Science in Food Technology’ degree. The general objective of IUPFOOD is to provide a multidisciplinary and specialized professional education in food technology, with special emphasis on postharvest and food preservation engineering on the one hand and food science and technology on the other. Graduates are equipped to become food technology professionals with the necessary technical and managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully contribute to solving problems related to food security. The IUPFOOD programme focuses particularly on developing countries where food security (delivering enough nutritious, high-quality and safe-to-eat food) is and will continue to be a major concern and key challenge. The programme builds on KU Leuven’s and UGent’s combined expertise in research and education in the field of food technology.

To fulfil its nutritional destiny, food must be both safely produced and safely delivered to its end consumer. This requires, on the one hand, processing technologies for converting edible raw materials into foods with decreased inherent stability, and, on the other, preservation technologies for increasing the stability and shelf life of foods. Based on these considerations, the InterUniversity Programme in Food Technology (IUPFOOD) focuses on two technological dimensions of prime and crucial importance in food processing and preservation, i.e. (1) the transformation (processing) of raw materials into products suited for human consumption, and (2) the role of postharvest and food preservation unit operations in delivering safe and nutritious foods to the end consumer. These two concerns are directly translated in the focus points of the IUPFOOD programme.


IUPFOOD’s objective is to offer a programme that takes the specific needs and approaches of developing countries into account. The IUPFOOD programme prepares students for various tasks, particularly in a professional teaching and research environment. IUPFOOD alumni are mainly active in the following sectors: academic institutions (as teaching and/or research staff), research institutes (as research staff), non-governmental organisations (in various capacities), governmental institutes (e.g. in research programmes, quality surveillance programmes or national nutritional programmes) and private industry (in particular jobs related to quality control). A number of IUPFOOD alumni advance to PhD studies in an early phase of their career.


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